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The Parliament of Bangladesh has amended the Penal Code several times, most recently in 2004. The Code was drafted on the recommendation of the First Legal Committee of British India. It was handed over to the Governor of Bengal in 1837. Although it is based on Victorian English law, it derives from elements of the Napoleonic Code and the Louisiana Civil Code of 1825. It was adopted on October 6, 1860. [2] When East Bengal became part of Pakistan after the partition of British India, the code was known as the Pakistan Penal Code. The code was reinstated in Bangladesh after the country`s independence in 1971. The code is a legacy of the Victorian era. Although its goal is to create a comprehensive penal code for Bangladesh,[1] other criminal laws have also been enacted by the Bangladeshi Parliament.

The death penalty remains legal in Bangladesh, although other common law countries, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, have abolished the death penalty. [5] The Bangladesh Penal Code is the main penal code of Bangladesh. It is based on the penal code of the British Indian Empire, promulgated in 1860 by the Governor-General under the Bengali presidency. It is similar to the penal codes of countries that were once part of the British Empire in South and Southeast Asia, including Singapore, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Incitement and seditious slander have been criticized as outdated laws. While the UK has gradually abolished penalties for seditious defamation, its continued presence in Bangladesh`s penal code has been used by the government to target prominent journalists and politicians. [3] 199. Misrepresentation in the statement that is legally available as evidence 38. Persons involved in a criminal offence may be guilty of various offences.477 Fraudulent cancellation, destruction, etc.

of will, authorization to accept or guarantee of value Warning for the benefit of the person who transferred the transfer or for the benefit of the public 2. the punishment of criminal offences committed in Bangladesh 304. Penalty for negligent homicide equal to murder 81. Acts likely to cause harm but without criminal intent and to prevent further harm 215. Accepting a gift to recover stolen goods, etc. 225A. Failure to arrest or abscond in otherwise unregulated cases 150. hiring or accepting the recruitment of individuals; who join an illegal assembly 235. possession of instruments or equipment intended to be used to counterfeit coins; if the Bangladesh 440 coin.

Mischief committed after preparation to cause death or injury 372. Sale of minors for prostitution, etc. 64. Imprisonment for non-payment of fine. 284. Neglect of toxic substances 301. Intentional homicide causing the death of a person other than the person whose death was expected 109. Punishment of punishment if complicity is committed as a result and no express provision has been made for it. 178. Refusal to take an oath or make a declaration if duly requested by the officer 421. Dishonest or fraudulent removal or concealment of property to prevent its distribution among creditors. 327.

Intentionally causing injury for the purpose of extorting property or limiting oneself to an unlawful act 462A. Penalty for negligent conduct of bank employees and employees 487. Incorrect marking of a container containing 509 goods. Word, gesture or action intended to offend a woman`s modesty 83. Act of a child over nine years of age and under twelve years of immature agreement 244. A person, who is employed at the Mint, so that the coin has a weight or composition different from that fixed by law. 195. Providing or producing false evidence with the intention of obtaining a conviction for an offence punishable by life imprisonment or imprisonment.431 Mischief by violation of highway, bridge, river or Channel 504.

Intentional insult with intent to disturb the peace 211. False charge of an offence with intent to injure 428. Mischief by killing or maiming animals worth ten taka 157. Accommodation of persons hired for an illegal assembly CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH, SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, DECENCY AND MORALS 365. Abduction or abduction with intent to secretly and unjustly imprison a person 423. Dishonest or fraudulent execution of an act of transfer containing false information about the consideration 382. Flight prepared to cause death, injury or retention for the purpose of committing Theft 175. Non-presentation of a document to the official by a person legally required to produce it.78 Acting pursuant to the judgment or order of the Court 223. Escape from detention or custody suffered by negligence of the official 427. Mischief causing damage amounting to fifty taka 98. Right to private defence against the action of an intellectually minded person, etc.

508. Action caused by the inducement of a person to believe that he will be the object of divine displeasure 354. Bodily harm or criminal violence against a woman with intent to indecent assault 171. wearing clothes or tokens, used fraudulently by officials. 420. Fraud and dishonest supply of goods 85. Act of a person incapable of discernment due to intoxication caused against his will 367. Abduction or abduction to expose people to serious injury, slavery, etc.

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