Servicio Medico Legal La Serena

As the National Director of the SML points out, this service provides a number of services that go beyond autopsies. Here, a number of expert reports are elaborated that support the work of the judiciary, such as sexological expertise, video interviews; Expert reports related to mental health, breathalyzers, biochemical analysis, digital radiology and all services related to thanatology, among others. Pedro Rojas, Seremi (s) of Public Works, pointed out that the new outbuildings “have 1500 square meters that have increased the capacity of the SML by 300%, with an investment approaching 3800 million pesos and having a modern infrastructure that allows a better functioning of this building. There is a commitment here to deliver work to the standards that the MLS truly deserves, and we hope it can soon be put to the service of the community. In this way, much of the old headquarters was demolished and a new infrastructure was built, ranging from a house of 341 square meters to a building of 1,500 square meters with enough space both for the development of forensic activity and for the attention of users. For the president of CORE, Adriana Peñafiel, “this is a necessary investment that will not only improve the quality of services for users, but also an important improvement for the employees of this service”. To be, as an institution of the State, the main scientific and technical reference in forensic and medico-legal matters, with a high-quality, effective, timely and impartial action. Structured, organized and highly valued by the community, which contributes to a better administration of justice. In the same vein, the National Director of the SML stated that “this is a very relevant work. The forensic service is an important actor in two respects, namely in criminal justice and in family matters, but it also plays a role in human rights issues. It is a very important service for justice to be equal and timely for all, it is our commitment and it is a very important step at the national level.

To provide a highly qualified medical, legal and medico-legal service to the organs of the administration of justice and to citizens in general through the exercise of forensic expertise that guarantees quality, reliability, timeliness, impartiality and dignified treatment of women and men. Development also of scientific research, teaching and expansion in the fields of its competence. This is an appeal to a refusal in the procedure for obtaining or renewing a driver`s licence issued to the traffic department of a municipality. Rejection takes place at no c. This is a construction and renovation project that responds to the need to upgrade the old outbuildings based on current demand and demand in the area. It is a modern infrastructure that will provide the Coquimbo area with a center of high expert standards and advanced technology, one of the highest standards in the country. With a certificate of delivery and the handing over of the keys to the enclosure, the Ministry of Public Works, through the Directorate of Architecture, carried out the extension works of the legal medical service of La Serena. It is located in the urban radius of the city of La Serena.

The project includes the expansion of the new forensic© units. The injury detection investigation is intended for anyone who has been the victim of a physical, accidental or intentional assault, which requires a certificate of its severity, seniority, time. From the building there are 3 large volumes towards Gabriel Coll Park plus a smaller volume projecting towards the gorge, with large windows on the rear façade. Scaffolding that ensures the stay, which cushions the direct arrival of the sun The orientation of the east-west axis is the optimal layout for the use of the most comfortable interiors. The widest facades correspond to the rooms to the north and south, with more pleasant orientations and easier to work in terms of solar radiation. The project correctly conceives this criterion and exploits the potential that results from the optimal use of the healthiest and most comfortable spaces inside. The project is divided from a sequence of volumes added linearly along the east-west axis. The handing over of a deceased person from the Forensic Medical Service (SML) depends on the order of the prosecutor to the SML.

The SML will provide forensic expertise in the field of thanatology, from. It is an analysis that compares individual genetic patterns passed down from generation to generation according to a common inheritance pattern between parents and their children. The south façade has a greater number of windows and openings to produce good solar radiation because the lighting is indirect. In the case of this façade, large windows are taken into account, which allows the entry of natural light and offers greater interior comfort. This is a medical examination that establishes the presence of injuries consistent with a sexual offence in support of the complaint.

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