Sace Certificate Requirements

All applications must be forwarded to what documents I need to register for SACE I have completed my Levels 4 and 5 in Early Childhood Development 5. Original certified copy of the certificate of Islamic qualification* recognized for registration with the Council. 4. If an applicant meets the conditions set out in paragraph 1, the Council shall register the applicant and issue a registration certificate to the educator. 3. The Council shall consider an application for registration in the light of the conditions for registration established by the Council. 3. An original certified copy* of the N3 certificate plus trade examination (completed before 1991) A request to reprint an SACE certificate must be accompanied by: Police certificate (no name disclosure) Welcome to SACE Student Guide [PDF 1.1MB] provides an overview of SACE requirements, recognized apprenticeship and special provisions. • a copy of the Certificate of Qualification AND a copy* of a full educational credential showing that the qualification has been completed and that the year of completion is required before full registration and SACE certificate can be issued. You need 200 credits to complete your SACE. Some credits will come from mandatory requirements, but most will come from the subjects you choose based on your interests and future goals, or recognition of the knowledge and skills you have acquired in your life outside of school. In the future, the SACE certificate issued will indicate the specialization, phase and subjects: all qualifications will be checked against the SAQA qualification and the standards of the unit.

In addition to the mandatory requirements and the three compartments of 20 credits at Level 2 (worth 110 credits), you can choose your remaining 90 credits from a range of Level 1 or 2. You must obtain a grade in these subjects to obtain your SACE. 8. A certified copy of a South African police certificate less than six (6) months old at the time of submission. The clearance certificate must bear a South African Police reference number and be verifiable. The SAPS reference number shall be clearly visible. You will receive the SACE if you successfully meet the requirements that include a range of skills and subjects that you learn in school or that you have acquired through other education, training or experience. Academic qualifications: Certificate of qualification: E.g.

BSc BCom, etc. The mandatory requirements are worth a total of 50 credits, which means you will have to choose other subjects or courses worth at least 150 credits while studying for your SACE. 5. An original certified copy* of a national diploma of technical and vocational education* (N4-N6 certificates required). 7. In the event of loss of a qualification, a certified original* copy of a declaration from the higher education institution where the qualification was obtained or from the Ministry of Education shall be required. The declaration must indicate that the qualification has been completed and that a certificate has been issued. This document must be affixed, dated, stamped and signed on the letterhead of higher education institutions/DBE/PEDs. 5. If an educator provisionally registered within the meaning of paragraph 4 fulfils all the conditions for registration and the conditions laid down in this paragraph, the Council shall register him in accordance with paragraph 3. 5.

Original certified copy* of a diploma or diploma in music or visual arts (360 credits or 480 credits) along with complete academic proof that the qualification has been completed and the year of graduation. The application for a letter of authorization must be accompanied by: These skills are essential for your future education, training and career, as well as for your role as an active and informed citizen. (a) take into account specific circumstances in the different fields of education; or. • have a date stamp and not be more than three (3) months old at the time of submission. If you are studying SACE at school, your teachers and guidance counsellors can help you choose the subjects that fit the study, training, career or other activities you want to participate in when you leave school. (8) Different categories of registration may be determined by the Commission. 6. NB: A recent letter from a potential employer is required from all students who are not in their final year of study and who are employed at the school.

The letter must be an original, on letterhead, stamped and signed. • OR a refugee permit with a refugee ID card (the expiry date must match on both documents). • National Teaching Diploma: hairdressing – abolished in 1991. Proof of enrolment must indicate that you are currently enrolled in the academic year, written on university letterhead, stamped and dated. Printing on the Internet is not accepted. The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a modern, internationally recognised secondary school diploma that equips you with the skills, knowledge and personal skills needed to successfully participate in our rapidly changing global society. There are also other ways to complete the SACE, such as: New applicants must submit an application through the online registration portal (a) An application for registration must be submitted to the Commission in the manner and form determined by the Commission. • A recent letter of employment at a South African school.  Sports teachers who are only employed in the sports school.

(No sports coaches). Physics 5. An original certified copy* of a complete educational diploma* (transcript) indicating that the qualification has been completed and the year of graduation. • A formal application letter with personal data, SACE registration number and postal address. To complete your SACE, you must achieve 200 credits in both phases. Those who have studied for a PGCE must also submit the following documents: 6. An original certified copy* of a higher education institution`s current proof of enrolment (HEI) for a teaching diploma (360 credits teaching diploma or 480 credits teaching diploma) as well as an academic record, if after the 1st year of study. A recent letter from a potential employer is required from all students who are not in their final year of study. The letter must be an original, on letterhead, stamped and signed. 6. If you have studied for the Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), an initial qualification and full academic evidence showing that the qualification has been completed and the date of graduation must be attached. 5.

An original certified* copy of a relevant degree OR certificate of qualification in the field of specialization, AND. • (expired in 1991 and replaced by the national teaching diploma: technique expired in 1994). 9. If you are pursuing an NQF TVET Level 7 diploma, the following additional documents must be attached to the application form: SACE offers subjects and courses in two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. • A certified copy of the smart card from the green ID book (both sides of the card must be attached). (a) within the meaning of the Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act No. 76 of 1998);. 5. An original certified copy* of the current proof of enrolment* from a higher education institution (HEI) indicating the registered initial teacher education programme and a certified copy* of the academic certificate* (after the 1st year of study).

7.1 THE REQUEST TO UPDATE A PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION FOR PUPIL EDUCATORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS: (c) within the meaning of the Colleges of Further Education and Training Act, 2006 (Act No.

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