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Bush Graziano Rice & Platter, P.A., creates solutions for our customers every day. If you are facing a difficult legal issue, you can count on our experienced legal team to seriously represent your interests with vigour and passion. Our Tampa law firm has a proven track record in complex legal areas ranging from treatment and product liability to hospital and non-contractual liability. In addition, we represent clients in intellectual property, environmental and family law and have extensive experience in the practice of appeals. A few weeks later, on the eve of the landmark decision that ended the electoral quagmire, Kavanaugh delivered a legal analysis on national television before the U.S. Supreme Court. He later served as an associate advisor to the new president. The Gore team says the answer to that question is yes, but Bush`s lawyers say certified results should persist, arguing Saturday that there is no legal basis for conducting recounts only in certain counties. Some critics of the decision argue that the majority seemed to seek refuge from its own logic.[64][65] in the following sentence of the majority opinion: “Our consideration is limited to the current circumstances, as the problem of equal protection in electoral processes generally involves many complexities. [66] The Court`s defence counsel argued that this was an appropriate precaution against the possibility that the decision could be interpreted too broadly[67] and argued that, in the short time available, it would not be appropriate to attempt to formulate language that sets out in more detail how participation can be applied to other cases.

However, critics interpreted the decision to mean that the case in no way set a precedent and could not be used to justify a future court decision, and some suggested it was evidence that the majority recognized their involvement was untenable. [68] Regardless of whether the majority viewed the decision as precedent, it was cited by several federal courts in election cases.[69][70][71][72][73] as well as by counsel for a Republican congressional candidate during legal arguments coinciding with the 2020 U.S. presidential election. [74] He stated that the team, consisting of lawyers Barry Richard, Fred Bartlit, Phillip Beck, Daryl Bristow and Irvin Terrell, will focus on four of Gore`s major trials. “We took these cases to the Florida Supreme Court and Bush v. Gore [went] to the U.S. Supreme Court. So you can imagine what kind of organization was set up so quickly by bringing people together in a team to work with an intensity that frankly left room for very little sleep,” Bristow laughed. Amy Coney Barrett was just three years away from law school, a 28-year-old employee at a boutique law firm in Washington, when she was sent to Florida to help George W. Bush`s legal team save thousands of Republican absentee ballots. According to the court, the national norm (according to which a “legal vote” is a “vote in which there is a `clear indication of the voter`s intention`”[45]) could not guarantee that each district would count votes in a constitutionally permissible manner.

The Court noted that the applicability of the per-curiam opinion “is limited to the current circumstances, as the problem of equal protection in electoral processes generally presents many complexities”. However, the Court did not elaborate on what these complexities were, nor did it explain (or apparently consider) why the absence of a constitutionally acceptable standard for vote counting, which was the basis of the Court`s decision, would not have invalidated the entire presidential election in Florida. [46] Two U.S. Supreme Court justices and a third candidate – Amy Coney Barrett – all played a role in the legal wrangling that accompanied the disputed 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Above all, the gop wants to prevent a recount from progressing. But if the judge orders a manual recount, the Republican candidate`s lawyers argue that the 1.1 million votes in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade should be recounted, as well as an additional 1.2 million votes in Broward, Pinellas and Volusia counties, where the Bush team says Gore may have received illegal votes. Barrett did not respond to a request for comment from the White House and did not publicly discuss his exact duties in the Martin County case.

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