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Our judgment enforcement solutions are first designed to motivate and persuade and then, if necessary, use the power of the law to collect the money you earn through various legal mechanisms: garnishment, garnishment of wages, levies, liens, assignments, contempts, etc. If you need a quick and cost-effective enforcement of your legal rights, TPH Legal Services is ready to fight for the money you earn. When a company engages us in debt collection, we strive to ensure payment as quickly as possible and avoid costly legal proceedings as much as possible. But if necessary, we can sue debtors, where we may be able to obtain a binding judgment against the debtor on behalf of the creditor. By assuming the risk of loss ourselves, we allow you to pursue law enforcement without having to worry about a costly loss in court. Since our recovery depends on yours, we are incentivized to work hard to achieve the result you deserve. You can count on our experienced legal team to explore all available avenues to assert your rights and collect debts owed to you. For about a week, I have been receiving calls from a company called TPH Legal Services. It happens once a day, and it was a big pain because they were looking for someone with a name I don`t know. Finally, I cracked and called them back to tell them they had the wrong number and politely asked them not to call me again.

During that conversation, I revealed my first name (in retrospect, a kind of mistake; Let me explain). The receptionist said they would note it was a wrong number, and we ended the conversation there. I then went to Google to do some research. Sometimes a debtor immediately complies with a judgment or court order. In other cases, the debtor will wait to see if you are willing to take aggressive enforcement action. To this end, TPH Legal Services offers a wide range of law enforcement services in Canada and years of professional legal experience. For the record, I`m quite young and I`ve never had any debt (again, I have no idea who they`re asking). I was curious about whether or not I could contact the police about this, or if there was another way to protect myself from these thugs (i.e. prevent them from making further calls). I also wonder if they can take action against me (e.g. change the name of the person I`m looking for to match the name I gave them) if I just block their number and ignore their calls.

TPH Legal Services is unique in that we use a large number of legal talents to reduce your costs. Experienced paralegals with a proven track record of enforcing court orders, judgments and other legal obligations in Canada – quickly and cost-effectively. I get the same calls, I definitely don`t have any outstanding debts, it`s weird because they ask something “Andrew”, that`s my middle name Hi Reddit, I don`t know where to post this, so hopefully someone can give an overview. We develop each of our strategies to enforce judgments with the bigger picture in mind. It makes little sense to spend more on execution than the value of the judgment. Each of our steps is done with your financial end of game in mind. We believe this is why so many lenders and creditors turn to TPH Legal Services for enforcement services in Canada. Block this Robocall and more than 5,926,964 others! Stop robocalls with Nomorobo It`s not perfect, but it does a great job most of the time. I only hope that this goes against the political calls in the last election. Edit: Thanks for the comfort, everyone.

I really appreciate it. Living and learning, I think. We are an experienced creditor law firm dedicated to recovering the money you are entitled to once your business has received a judgment in its favor. We offer a variety of court enforcement services in Canada – creative, cost-effective and efficient. When debtors defy a court order or decision, it is often because they do not understand the implications, do not appreciate the seriousness of the case, or simply believe that they can get away with it. They may feel they “can`t afford” to pay for the verdict. Our job begins by dissuading them from this notion. In most cases, they can afford it, but simply don`t want to make the necessary arrangements for it. The right pressure can motivate them to take a different approach. Excellent service! Can you do the same for political appeals? Once a verdict has been rendered, we have even more options for debt collection. A judgment is essentially a court order that requires the debtor to pay off the debt immediately.

Judgments have the force of law and can be enforced accordingly. However, enforcement requires action by the debtor. Getting a verdict in your favor is only half the battle. Effective enforcement of the decision is often the hardest part – and there is little the courts can do. That`s where we come in. It`s as simple as that: no money up front and nothing to lose. The total fee for our service is only a percentage of your total recovery. And if for any reason we are unable to execute your judgment successfully, you don`t have to pay us anything at all. Through a combination of debtor clarification and persuasive persuasion, we are often able to convince debtors that immediate and full enforcement of the judgment is in their own interest.

That has been a great help to us. I have a question. We get a lot of calls where the phone rings once and no one is there. There is no record of who called Called ID. Could it be robocalls that weren`t blocked in time? Is this a problem with Comcast? No matter what industry you work in, if you`ve received a judgment and need help executing it – quickly and cost-effectively – TPH Legal Services is here to help you with creative judgment enforcement services in Canada. It turns out that this is apparently some kind of fraudulent enterprise. I`ve read a few reviews that warn against leaking personal information, which is why I`m a little panicked because I accidentally give them my first name. But more importantly, I wonder what I can do about this problem. AWESOME! The best of Mount Sinai (like us)! Good luck doing better and better, for example (pipedream?!) a code that I could enter on the phone to automatically report a caller to your database.

GOOD JOB!! It has stopped many of the robocalls we receive at home. Great blessing for those of us who really wanted to stop the annoying calls but didn`t know how. Thank you very much! I love Nomorobo, he did fantastic for me blocking calls. I don`t know what to do if I didn`t have them. All those Teletmarketer calls I get have driven me crazy. Thanks to Nomorobo! Keep up the good work. TPH Legal Services is committed to complying with regulations and respecting global ethics. Our in-house counsel keep pace with changes in the law as they occur and ensure that all of our efforts are undertaken in good faith and in full compliance with applicable law. An unenforced judgment is just a piece of paper. Its value depends entirely on your willingness to apply it and your ability to do so effectively.

Defaulting debtors who are determined to avoid their debts will go as long as possible without paying you the money owed to you. TPH Legal Services can help. Equally important, we offer our services on a contingency fee basis, which means you won`t pay us anything unless we manage to enforce the decision and get you the money you deserve. The collection and enforcement of debts is subject to strict regulations under Canadian law. Unethical, illegal or unfair debt collection will be severely punished. The same applies to any violation of ethics or the law committed in the context of an attempt at coercive measures.

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