Where to Volunteer as a Law Student

In addition to advocating for an extraordinary cause, volunteering with UNICEF offers you valuable experiences if you are thinking about dealing with human rights or family law. Each year, more than 2,500 volunteer articling students work in U.S. judicial components and lawyers across the country. Approximately 1,000 articling students volunteer during the school year and approximately 1,500 during the summer. It may not always be possible, but perhaps the best opportunities for legal volunteers are to have in a law firm. Some law firms accept volunteer help and volunteering at a law firm will look great on a resume for any legal job. Students interested in a particular area of law can focus on volunteering in companies specializing in this type of law. Volunteering can also help students decide which legal specialization they want to pursue without committing to a field of study or professional employment at a law firm. LEAD. LEAD is a project-based after-school program for high school students that began as an offshoot of the Tutorial Project. We emphasize research-based learning, which encourages mentors not to teach, but to guide their students to improve their project planning, research and public speaking skills that they would not otherwise have access to.

Volunteers work one-on-one with a middle school student.* Fil. At the heart of its mission is “Thread to underperforming high school students who face significant barriers outside the classroom by providing each with a dedicated volunteer family and better access to community resources. We encourage students` academic advancement and personal growth to become motivated, resilient and responsible citizens. Thread is a voluntary mentorship program that creates a family support structure to help high school students graduate and six years beyond.* To enter law school, students would need to pursue law-related volunteer opportunities. Volunteering seems very good when applying for admission to law school and will later also be beneficial for professional applications. Here are five options that prospective law students should consider. Most U.S. judicial components and lawyers have early application deadlines, so interested law students should plan an application at least four to five months in advance. Urban Debate League.

As the national leader of the urban debate movement, the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL) works with its partner leagues to deliver a debate program for urban middle and high school students. NAUDL strives to close the achievement gap in urban public schools by organizing competitive debate teams. NAUDL volunteers assist urban debate programs in a variety of ways, including attending and promoting the annual NAUDL dinner; Organization and sponsorship of local fundraising events; and helping NAUDL and local leagues connect with business leaders.* CASA stands for Court Named Special Advocates. CASA is a national organization of volunteers who advocate on behalf of children who go through the justice system for any reason. Volunteers get to know the children and their living conditions and stand up in court for the best of the child. Anyone who meets CASA`s criteria can be a lawyer. Potential volunteers must complete training and pass a background check in accordance with CASA. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to learn how the court works and help children in need. Volunteer lawyers must be licensed and in good standing with the Bar Association.

All volunteers are covered by Legal Aid Chicago`s Professional Liability Insurance. Where applicable, indication of additional qualifications. Prepare deletion and sealing requests for clients reviewed by Legal Aid Chicago. Legal Aid Chicago conducts file research and determines eligibility before assigning a case. Once the petition is completed by the volunteer, Legal Aid Chicago will again assume responsibility for the case, including reviewing, signing, filing, court appearances, and providing court orders to clients. COVID-19 response: Legal Aid Chicago continues to serve our clients during this crisis, and most of the options listed below have been adjusted to allow remote work. Currently, only remote volunteering projects are underway. Voluntary articling may be eligible for course credits or as part of a law school`s co-op program. In addition, some schools sponsor public interest scholarships or other programs where articling students receive a scholarship to work in the public interest. Interested students should contact their law school for specific information and requirements.

You don`t need to be a lawyer or law student to volunteer with The Pro Bono Project.

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