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Our offices are only open for appointments. Many of our teams are out of the office and may not be in the office unless you have made an appointment to meet with them. Please contact us by phone, email, social media or via our contact form on the website to make an appointment. Welcome to Network Homes! We have a range of high quality homes available in shared ownership, London Living Rent and resale properties in and around London. We have implemented our second tailored legal services framework, which allows us to access specialized legal services at competitive fixed and hourly rates. The new framework replaces the previous group and came into effect on September 1 and runs for four years, until 2026. Prior to joining Network, Tabitha worked as a legal counsel, helping those most in need secure release from detention, community support and shelter. Realizing that a home is the first cornerstone of a secure future, she ventured into housing construction and joined Network Homes in 2016 as Head of Legal Services and Corporate Secretary. In October 2019, she became Director General of Governance. Network Homes is one of the leading suppliers of quality homes in England.

We love building and we are very proud of the homes we provide and manage. We build homes for shared ownership with a range of homes in London and the residential districts. RJNH members sign agreements of common interest before joining the network that protect communication during working group meetings and allow members to share information about future and ongoing litigation in a way that fosters collaboration and discussion. In addition, HNHJN members have access to HighQ, the Law Center`s online library of case documents, secondary resources, and research notes designed to help lawyers create legal arguments and ultimately challenge harmful policies that criminalize homelessness. Email: Network Homes is one of England`s leading housing associations and a developer of quality homes. We`ve been around since 1974 and take great pride in the homes we deliver and the communities we help create. If you are trying to put a foot on the apartment ladder, take a look at our website. Recently, the Law Center added a vehicle residency task force to the HNHJN, which meets every two months to combat the criminalization of vehicle residency through policy reform, organization, and litigation. RJHN members are also invited to attend “special meetings” held every few months, focusing on discrete issues related to the criminalization of homelessness. In November, Network members participated in a discussion on fabricated homes/mobile homes and related discrimination as part of this series of special sessions.

Future topics in this series include disaster relief, exclusion zoning, and grassroots organizing. We are commercial, but our profits are reinvested in building more homes and providing a first-class service to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing an impressive specification which, combined with durable design features, means our homes are ideal for modern living. Because a good home makes everything possible. The procurement process was based on evaluation criteria that considered both price and quality. The selected law firms have demonstrated that they will be able to offer us high quality professional legal services in all areas of activity. They have also agreed to support the organization`s social responsibility goals by providing internships, mentorship, workshops, professional training and guidance to our employees and residents. Tel: 0300 373 3000 (new apartments) / 0204 512 5637 (resale) The Housing Not Handcuffs Justice Network (HNHJN) is a group of litigators and lawyers whose work includes fighting the criminalization of homelessness.

Launched in 2018 as a subset of our Housing Not Handcuffs campaign, HNHJN is now a hub for over 100 lawyers and advocates from across the country. RHNJ members are part of an active email distribution list where members share news, ideas and information on the criminalization of homelessness.

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