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Understanding the laws contained in the California Vehicle Code can challenge people without legal training. Simmrin Law Group can provide clear information about this set of laws. Side shows occur when two or more vehicles block an area of a highway so they can perform stunts with their vehicles. This new law was passed to increase penalties for attending side shows, to reduce street racing and other related activities that endanger the public. Representative Vince Fong supported Assembly Bill 3. This bill increases the penalties for motorists who participate in side shows. Under the new law, a motorist convicted of speeding at a side show can have their driver`s licence revoked from 90 days to six months. This law will come into force on July 1, 2025. Non-resident vehicles must be subject to a free security check upon first registration. Motor vehicles with 3 or more wheels, trailers or semi-trailers must be equipped with mudguards if the body of the vehicle does not provide adequate protection against splashes, splashes of water or mud at the rear of the vehicle; Trailers and semi-trailers weighing less than 1,500 lbs or vehicles manufactured before January 1, 1971 and weighing less than 1,500 lbs are not required to have mudguards.

The DMV may issue a title to an unregistered vehicle as long as the vehicle has not been driven, moved, or left on a highway and is not driven or moved. Welcome to, your best reference for automotive laws and regulations in force for the State of California (CA). Below are our laws, regulations and guidelines currently being sought and their general interpretation. California uses the California Vehicle Code (CVC) to regulate the ownership, registration, and operation of motor vehicles. The first version of this code appeared in 1935. It has been updated and modified countless times since then. In fact, the entire code was revised in 1959. Currently, the HVAC consists of 18 departments involved in motor vehicle regulation. Each of these new motor vehicle laws was passed to increase safety and reduce the risk of car accidents and serious injuries. By increasing penalties for repeated distracted traffic violations and side shows, the state is trying to appeal to people who exhibit dangerous driving behavior and help prevent accidents. Miners riding on paved roads, wearing helmets and requiring all cyclists to wear reflective equipment and lights when riding at night could help prevent serious injuries or fatal accidents. Some of the bureaucracy tribal authorities face in running ambulances on their land could help shorten response times and ensure people get help when needed, rather than having to wait.

Finally, it could help prevent serious pedestrian or cyclist crashes if local authorities reduced speed limits on highways that run through residential areas and near schools or care homes for the elderly. Drivers who violate any of these laws can be prosecuted. The Los Angeles court system can deal with violations of the California Vehicle Code. In many cases, those accused of violating the CVC need the help of a professional criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. The course enables participants to understand road safety with a focus on driver responsibility, proper driver posture, and California driving laws. For this reason, California enforces strict cell phone laws. If you receive too many negligent driver points, DMV will put you on probation for one year (including a six-month suspension) or revoke your driver`s license. Under California transportation laws, you are entitled to a hearing if your application is postmarked in the mail or received within ten days of receiving the stay or revocation order. The renewal of the license can be done by mail if the licensee is not on probationary and the licensee`s records for the 2 years preceding the renewal show no violation of certain traffic laws, a score not exceeding 1, a refusal to submit to a chemical test and no suspension of the license. No more than 2 consecutive mail renewals are allowed. If you have any further questions, check out the links after each of our articles, where you can find official sources for various traffic and car laws! This site contains various other important traffic laws in California regarding cars. If you need to renew your vehicle`s registration, you can do so in the following ways: The California Vehicle Code is divided into different sections to handle different offenses and penalties for violating traffic rules.

Here are some examples of these sections: Other California mental health, transportation, and wage laws that go into effect Jan. 1 The speed limit, if it can be safely crossed, does not exceed 10 miles per hour. This speed limit applies in a safety zone or intersection where a streetcar, cart or bus is stopped and traffic is controlled by a peace officer or traffic light.

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