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NPS sellers who wanted to keep trading resurfaced after moving their websites to places like Spain, she adds. “They will import from China to the UK via Spain,” says Meaham. There are too many packages for the British border force to check, she adds. Therefore, Davenport tells the Bristol Drugs Project that although she has seen far less spice use since the introduction of PSA, customers are generally not bothered by the legal status of the drugs. “Most people continued to buy at the price they had already taken off the internet, especially students,” she says. Similarly, there was little change in NPS prices, with the exception of an increase for mephedrone. The presence of mephedrone in Europe coincided with the lowest purity of cocaine and ecstasy recorded in 2008 and 2009, as measured by the UK`s National Crime Agency. Since there was no reason to ban it yet, mephedrone was legally sold as a “plant food” thanks to its phytosanitary roots – and quickly became popular as a “legal high”. The British media quickly linked him to the deaths of four teenagers, Louis Wainwright, Nicholas Smith, Joslyne Cockburn and Gabrielle Price. Helping someone with a legal addiction to highs usually extends to the time after rehabilitation. A support structure can go a long way in helping them apply the lessons they have learned in rehabilitation and reduce the risk of relapse. The sooner a legal addict seeks help, the less intense their withdrawal symptoms will be.

This can contribute to a safer and more comfortable recovery. The most effective way to treat legal addiction to highs is to offer an inpatient addiction treatment program. Typically, a user undergoes medically assisted detoxification as needed, followed by an intensive program of group and individual therapy. We are also able to offer an intensive medically assisted detoxification program for your addiction. Detoxification is the process of removing all traces of the so-called “legal high” from your system in a carefully controlled environment. This includes: In addition to the immediate effects mentioned above of the different types of so-called “legal highs”, other symptoms of a new addiction to psychoactive and illicit substances may include: We are able to offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches to treat your new psychoactive and illegal drug addiction (“legal high”) at Life Works. Through intensive therapy, you will be able to address the triggers and underlying causes of your drug use, improve your self-esteem, and take steps to improve your quality of life. Essentially, the goal of any therapy at Life Works is to help each of our clients understand what drives them to use “legal highs.” Once you understand why you are using, you can develop coping strategies and mechanisms that will help you end your addiction and eliminate the need to use drugs. Support groups can be used in conjunction with rehabilitation treatment to offer the best chance of overcoming a legal addiction to highs.

However, people with mild addictions may find that the advice and help given in support groups is sufficient to help them overcome their addiction. These drugs can be labeled and sold as innocent-sounding substances such as bath salts, incense or plant foods, or packaged to look like colorful candy packets to make them look legal. It should be noted that the Psychoactive Substances Act does not include possession of legal highs as a criminal offence. Indeed, the law aims to take action against manufacturers and distributors and not against consumers of substances. Many people think it`s safer to look for legal highs than to take illegal drugs. However, if you`re looking for ways to reach a legal peak, you might want to think again. The duration of an addiction to legal highs usually depends on the respective substance. For some, like methoxetamine, it may only take a few uses, while other substances require continued and frequent use before a full-fledged addiction takes root. Seeking help is often the best way to find healthy methods of managing mental health issues that can make it easier to combat addiction to legal highs.

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