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UCL is one of the leading universities based in London. About 57% of students come from other countries. Ucl`s Faculty of Law offers a wide range of activities to enhance students` legal education and connect them with their peers. UCL law students can also use various student societies, clubs and institutions. Durham University may be the best option if you want to start your career in its entirety. And if you`re a fan of Cambridge and Oxford colleges, then you`ll love Durham. Getting a degree from top law universities will broaden your horizons and make you more attractive to employers. Therefore, it is natural that thousands of students vote for these prestigious institutions across the UK every year. The University of Law is proud to be one of the oldest law schools in the UK.

Students who wish to become certified lawyers must follow basic legal subjects as part of their law studies prior to professional qualification and training in a bar association or law firm. Want more fantastic treats? Here`s an exciting fact for you, Time Out 2019 names Glasgow as the friendliest and most affordable city in the world! You`ll have over 90 gardens and parks to visit, enjoy a gastronomic district, and enjoy plenty of urban art. These additional factors make the University of Glasgow one of the best law universities in the UK. Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is a leading university in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh Law School offers bachelor`s, master`s and research degrees. It also offers short courses in law and a degree in professional legal practice. In this blog post, you`ll talk about the top 8 law universities in the UK. These schools are world leaders and high-level academic institutions with strong ties in various industries. Many universities also allow students to combine their law studies with other subjects, making it a joint specialized degree. Not sure about the right to university? Discover the best UK universities for many different degrees! UCL is one of the best law schools in the UK and is also one of the universities that attracts a large number of ambitious international students.

In addition to the Bachelor of Laws, the faculty offers two Master`s degrees: Law and Corporate Law. There is also a Doctorate in Law for students seeking a career in legal research. Dickson Poon School of Law at King`s College London has been teaching law since 1831 and research and teaching inform the best minds nearly 200 years later. University College London is among the top universities in law, as 91% of students praise the staff who explain the topic in detail. In addition, 94% of law graduates from University College London have a job or are pursuing further education. With an average salary of 22,000 pounds. A total of 15 centres and institutes are affiliated to the UCL Faculty of Law, which facilitate legal teaching and research. These include the UCL Centre for Commercial Law, the UCL Centre for Empirical Legal Studies and the UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society. LSE Law is one of the world`s leading schools of legal studies and research. World-class education, flexible curricula and a unique and forward-thinking approach to education are celebrated at this exceptional university. Your law degree prepares you for a challenging career and a competitive marketplace. It is known worldwide that King`s College London is one of the best law universities in the UK.

Discover Uni claims that 80% of students agreed that they were satisfied with the course. Within 15 months of graduation, 70% find a job or continue their education. In addition, the ideal location of the school near the Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice will help you continue your studies. If you look at the University of Glasgow`s Faculty of Law, you`d love to know that the Complete University Guide 2021 named it the No. 1 Law School in Scotland and No. 1 in Scotland. 5 in the UK, so as you can see, this is one of the best law schools. Many of its graduates work at the European Commission, in domestic courts and law firms, as well as in banking and finance. With the credentials from Durham University, you can expect it to be one of the best law universities in the UK. Durham Law School is an award-winning, world-class staff that trains law students for meaningful careers. As a result, 97% of graduates are employed or enrolled in further studies.

Those who are employed have an average annual salary of £22,000. Find out more about applying to the UK`s top law schools by arranging a free consultation with SI-UK London today. These are the best universities in the UK for law degrees. LSE Law School is one of the world`s leading law schools and a synonym for excellence in legal education. The LSE has a unique international academic community of staff and students. About 79% of full-time students come from other countries. LSE Law School conducts bachelor`s, graduate, leadership and research programs in law. The London School of Economics Law School is not only one of the best in the UK, but also enjoys an outstanding reputation around the world. In the latest recently adopted Research Excellence Framework, the LSE ranked first for its research results, while the university has also been a pioneer in the study of tax law, banking law, corporate law, labour law and civil litigation, as well as studies of the legal profession and the legal system. The University of Aberdeen`s Faculty of Law is consistently ranked among the top law universities in the UK due to its global reputation and unparalleled quality of education. In this law school, you will be taught by some of the best professors who will have great influence in your educational institution.

In addition, the university has built a new facility to provide optimal conditions for a well-adapted and inspiring study environment. The Faculty of Law is now known for its courses in international and comparative law, law and the history of law. The faculty is also known for its research in the fields of social law and social sciences. The University of Law is proud to be one of the oldest law schools in the UK. It was founded in 1876, when the leading tutorial company Gibson and Weldon was founded. Since then, their role and contribution to the national legal system has been enormous, producing some of the most notable legislators. As Scotland`s leading legal research institution, Edinburgh Law School strives to conduct high-quality research. Students and staff can use the school`s institutes and centers to facilitate their research projects. If you want to become a lawyer in Scotland, the University of Edinburgh may be the best option for you.

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